Auto Financing after Bankruptcy in New York

Auto Financing after Bankruptcy in New York

With the high number of bankruptcy cases there are many individuals needing financing for autos after bankruptcy in New York, and we are ready to help. We have been the leading provider of auto loans for bk for the last 10 years and we look forward to being able to help you.

Bankruptcy Cases
  • 2007: 39,113
  • 2008: 45,237
  • 2009: 54,060
  • 2010: 53,707
  • 2011: 40,900


Although the New York bankruptcy cases in 2011 dropped drastically from 2010 they are still up from what they were in 2007. If you are one of the 40,000 people in NY that were faced with declaring bankruptcy and you’re not keen on the subway system you might be in the market for a new car. But where do you start when you have bankruptcy on your credit?

New York Subprime Lenders

Auto Financing after Bankruptcy

Having bad credit – especially because of bankruptcy – may hurt your chances at being approved for an auto loan so we suggest using a New York subprime lender. These are lenders that specialize in bad credit auto loans including bankruptcy and repossession.

Our network on New York lenders are willing to work with your current bankruptcy situation. They may even be able to help you in getting a car loan in chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are in chapter 7 it will be a little harder because the bankruptcy process is so short most places require you are discharged.

Apply for a New York Bankruptcy Car Loan

How do you find a dealership that will accept bankruptcy clients? Going dealership to dealership is a waste of time and may only result in crushed hopes and embarrassment. By applying with us today we will be able to send your information to all the dealerships in your area that are accepting bankruptcies. If you meet their minimum requirements we will set an appointment time up for you to meet with their lending officers and get you into a new or used vehicle just like that. No wasted time and no embarrassment.

Remember we are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. The situations discussed are only our experiences over the years and may vary with each customer.

Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

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