Repossession of Car before Chapter 13 Texas Bankruptcy

Repossession of Car before Chapter 13 Texas Bankruptcy

Repossession of Car before Chapter 13 Texas Bankruptcy

Here at we often are asked if bankruptcy can help you get your already repossessed car back. The answer, if you live in Texas, is yes if you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, if you file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, chances are you will not be getting the car back, and you will find yourself looking for car financing after bankruptcy.

How to Get your Car Back with a Texas Bankruptcy

In TX, if you car has recently been discharged and you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection you have a strong chance of getting your car back if it has not yet been sold at auction. In fact, the creditor is legally forced to return the car back to you under the automatic stay of chapter 13. This stops any credit from taking legal action against you or making harassing phone calls, and is in effect until discharge.

On the other hand, if the creditor has repossessed the vehicle and either sold it at auction or has already transferred the title out of your name, you won’t be getting that car back. Now, we know you still need a vehicle to get back and forth to work in order to meet the obligations of your chapter 13 repayment plan, and therefore, we can help you get into a new auto loan while in bankruptcy.

There are many Texas subprime lenders that understand bad things can happen to good people, and are willing to help you. These lenders have the experience and tools to help you get into an affordable car loan without any hassle or judgment.

Find a Texas Subprime Lender

You can find a lender by driving from bank to bank, or dealership to dealership, but that takes time, and can can be frustrating. When you submit our quick and easy loan application online you’re allowing us to find you the closest TX lender that will give you the best chance at an approval, without doing any of the work. You could be driving away in your new car within a couple days!

Remember, we are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. The situations discussed are only our experiences over the years and may vary with each customer.

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