Louisiana Bankruptcy Motor Vehicle Exemption Law

Louisiana Bankruptcy Motor Vehicle Exemption Law

Motor Vehicle Exemption

Many Louisiana residents that are under insurmountable debt they can’t pay off themselves are thinking about filing for bankruptcy protection, but they are afraid they might lose everything. This is a common misconception and many don’t know that there are exemption laws that allow you to not only keep your home but also keep your car in bankruptcy.

In fact, the Louisiana bankruptcy motor vehicle exemption law allows you to protect up to $7,500 worth of equity in your car. So, if you want to keep your car without reaffirming the debt you can do so – if it’s not worth more than $7,500. If by chance it is worth more than that and the trustee takes the vehicle to repay your creditors you’re not out of luck.

If you are married and filing jointly with your spouse you are able to double the exemption amount and either save both of your cars or one car worth $15,000 or less. Other vehicles that are allowed a higher exemption amount include those vehicles that are modified to assist passengers with a disability.

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