Bankruptcy and Finance Related Information

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Car Dealerships That Accept Bankruptcies
Information about finding dealerships that will work with bankruptcy car buyers.

How Long to Wait to Apply for an Auto Loan after Bankruptcy
Find out how long you should wait to apply for an auto loan after a bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Open Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcies and what you can expect while going through one.

Can You Keep Your Car in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Valuable information on if you can keep your car during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Auto Financing After Bankruptcy
A guide to auto financing after completing a bankruptcy process.

Reaffirming Car Loan During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Does reaffirming your car loan in Chapter 7 make sense? Learn more about the process.

Bankruptcy Auto Finance
Important bankruptcy auto finance information before visiting a dealership.

Auto Financing
Increase your chances of getting a good deal on auto financing.

Is a Down Payment Required for a Bankruptcy Car Loan?
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Upside-Down Car Loan
Being upside-down in car loans during Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Search New Auto Dealerships
The best way to search new cars, trucks, and SUVs in your area.

Used Cars after Bankruptcy
Buying used cars after bankruptcy.

Stop Repossession with Bankruptcy
Repossession can be stopped in certain cases by filing for bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Open Bankruptcy
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Financing Cars with Bad Credit

Bankruptcy Car Loans Online
Prequalify online for auto financing with bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcy.