The 341 Meeting and It's Effect on Missouri Bankruptcy Auto Loans

The 341 Meeting and It's Effect on Missouri Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Missouri Bankruptcy Auto Loans

If you have filed for a Missouri bankruptcy and looking to get a new line of credit by ways of a bankruptcy auto loan to rebuild your credit, we can help you. Here at we can help you find the best Missouri lender near you to get you approved. Unfortunately, if you have not had your 341 meeting yet, you will need to have that completed first.

As Missouri chapter 7 bankruptcy cases rose in 2012 many people were left wondering what to expect in their 341 meeting, or meeting of creditors. This is a meeting that you are required to attend and your creditors may or may not show up. If they do they have the legal right to ask you any questions about your debts owed to them. This meeting is also a chance for your trustee to ask any questions, and you must answer truthfully as you are under oath.

Get Car Financing after 341 Meeting

Many Missouri residents don’t know how to go about obtaining car financing during bankruptcy, but it’s pretty simple. You don’t have to be discharged from bankruptcy, although it may be easier, to be approved. After you have had your 341 meeting you will need to file a motion to incur additional debt with your trustee.

Your trustee will then inform the bankruptcy judge of your request. If your request to get an auto loan while in bankruptcy seems reasonable and feasible then your judge will sign off on the request. Once this happens you can take the letter to a Missouri dealership accepting bankruptcy clients, and you could be driving away in your car the same day!

The best thing to do is to get financing before going to a dealership. In most cases, you will receive more favorable loan terms from an outside lender than you will from the financial specialist at any dealership. By applying with us today you are giving yourself the best chance at an auto loan approval through a subprime lender without doing any of the work!

Remember we are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. The situations discussed are only our experiences over the years and may vary with each customer.

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